Master Of Malt Home Blending Kit

Master Of Malt’s Home Blending Kit……..Just in time for Christmas!


If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at blending your own whisky, you’ll love this. Master Of Malt have created a whisky blending kit, which contains everything you’ll need to go about making your own whisky. Whether it’s for yourself to experiment, or as a gift, this truly is a superb gift to the Whisky person in your life.

The Kit includes:

– 3cl Blended Grain Base (2x)

– 3cl Blended Malt Base (2x)

– 3cl Speyside Single Malt

– 3cl Highland Single Malt

– 3cl Islay Single Malt

– 3cl Lowland Single Malt

– 3cl Very Old Single Grain

– 3cl Very Old Highland Single Malt


And also includes the required apparatus:

– 3ml pipette

– 1ml pipette

– 10ml Measuring cylinder

– 25ml Measuring cylinder

– 100ml Conical Flask

– Crystal Tasting Glass

Finally they’ve included a detailed explanatory letter to introduce the art of blending, and how to use the various whiskies and apparatus in the kit!

Tickets are £3.50 & there are only 75 tickets available in this draw.


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